About me...

I was born in Dudley, England. I grew up, I worked, I travelled; I did things! Now I'm mostly into The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and catching up with sleep. Okay, and occasionally writing, too.

I'm a writer. I've worked freelance, and recently I moved into self-publishing.


Tales of Ghostly Horror and Tales of Occult Horror are part of the 'Real-Life Encounters with the Supernatural' series. They topped the supernatural bestseller charts in the UK and USA.


Seekers of the Supernatural is my first novel, released in May 2015. The sequels, Fulke Hall and Ethereal Darkness, are due out in 2017.


Seekers of the Supernatural (Team TIGER #1) is on sale. First volume in the series. Initially available solely on Kindle.


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John-Dee-and-Edward-Kelley-Colour-Version colourout ofspace

Work is progressing well on volume two. Plenty to keep me busy. The cover artwork looks good, courtesy of Kit Foster.

Ver2 72dpi-1500x2000 Ethereal Darkness (Small)