Ethereal Darkness

(#2 Team TIGER)

Team TIGER are in hiding after the near-catastrophe at Pendle. With no paranormal exploits to enliven the long winter evenings, and memories of their mauling still fresh, it takes a chance encounter to bring the team back together. Their search for the supernatural sends them to primordial ruins, haunted towers and spectral discos, until - in the shadow of Evershot Castle - they discover that the veil of darkness is not easily escaped once it has fallen.


The next instalment in the adventures of Team TIGER, otherwise know as Terrific Investigations into Ghosts and Ethereal Realms. Its darkly comic perspective on the world of ghosts and the paranormal is guaranteed to scare the hell out of you… again!

The world’s most calamitous ghost-hunters are back!



Ethereal Darkness (Small)