A darkly comic perspective on the world of paranormal investigation that’s guaranteed to scare the hell out of you!


They are England’s self-proclaimed greatest team of ghost-hunters - Team TIGER, otherwise known as 'Terrific Investigations into Ghosts and Ethereal Realms.' This calamitous bunch of clairvoyants and crackpots has explored innumerable haunted places in a search for the supernatural, treading a fine line between paranormal research and criminality. They've faced spectres, demons and poltergeists, trying to stay classy but always getting into trouble. Recovering from a disastrous encounter with unearthly forces, Team TIGER finds itself outnumbered and outgunned. They recruit two novices, but no one is prepared for a new supernatural foe which stalks them and soon threatens their sanity, if not their very lives.


Who says ghost-hunting shouldn't be fun?

Seekers of the Supernatural

(#1 Team TIGER)

Ver2 72dpi-1500x2000