Feel a profound sense of dread at the ghostly horrors that scratch at the surface of our world. Discover frightening true accounts of poltergeists, apparitions and malevolent entities, and explore some of England's most fearsome haunted locations.

  • Terrifying apparitions in THE GALLERIES OF JUSTICE

  • Dark energies in WOODCHESTER MANSION

  • Ouija boards and demons at THE STATION HOTEL

  • Incubus, telekinesis and possession at THE ANCIENT RAM INN

  • Disembodied voices echoing though THE HELLFIRE CAVES

  • Poltergeists at the EDINBURGH VAULTS

  • Coffin-dodging and divination at the THEATRE-ON-THE-STEPS

  • A warning of perils to sanity and soul from OUIJA BOARDS

  • Trapped, alone in the dark with THE THING IN THE CELLAR

  • Tanning salon attack by THE PERVY POLTERGEIST

  • Hysteria after psychic attack in THE HAUNTED HOSPITAL

  • Ghostly visit by Indian medicine man at DIXIE DUDE RANCH, TEXAS

  • …and more!

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"This was a great read... As an investgator I can actually relate to some of the phenomena described here. If you have an interest in the paranormal and enjoy a spooky read then you will enjoy this very much." (Northerner, @Amazon)

The UK and USA supernatural bestseller!