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Feel a profound sense of dread at the supernatural horrors that scratch at the surface of our world. This collection of thirteen true stories casts a dazzling light upon the dark realms of witchcraft and the occult. Read of frightening real-life encounters with apparitions, arcane magic, demons, poltergeists, and possessions.

  • Discover the black magic mysteries of CLAPHAM WOOD

  • Marvel at the supernatural phenomenon at DUDLEY CASTLE, with a comprehensive look at its long history of ghosts and poltergeists

  • Shudder with fear at the dark forces that stalk the ancient corridors of LITTLEDEAN HALL

  • Occultists unleash horror in THE CORNISH DEMON

  • Evil spirits growl at researchers at COALHOUSE FORT

  • Investigation descends into chaos at PENDLE HILL

  • Shock and awe at WHITTINGTON CASTLE

  • The hooded apparition at DENNY ABBEY

"This is a far more frightening book than his Tales of Ghostly Horror... If you don’t want to sleep well at night, read this book." (Karen Brasher, author)


"These thirteen (now there's an occultish number) stories really did leave me with a terrible sense of dread and the creepy feeling I was being watched...Can I just advise the reader not to read this book with the lights off?" (Cryptid "Frank", @Amazon)


"This book focuses more on the occult and darker aspects of the paranormal. Some of the details are really quite scary, and in some cases a little disturbing... A captivating read and I just could not put it down. If you liked the first book, then you will love this." (Northerner, @Amazon)